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Confetti Show at the Wedding
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Planning a wedding
can be a tedious task

It entails several elements that need to work in tandem to make your special day a success.

Envogue Wedding Planners hold a wide range of experience
in planning premium weddings. We turn your dream wedding into reality.

Attention to detail is what we strive for.

Wedding Table
Wedding Ceremony

Traditional, classical
or simply minimal

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Event

one-stop agency
for weddings

Themed Weddings      |       Destination Services      |      Events Scheduling & Venue Management

Guest Management & Logistics      |       Invitations and Printed Materials      |       Floral Decor

Props      |       Custom Decor


Destination Weddings

EnVogue’s team of Wedding Planners have a wide range of experience in planning premium weddings. We start with a free consultation service, which simplifies the next step — which is all about planning and organising the various requirements for a perfectly synchronised, well-choreographed wedding.   


We have organized Destination Weddings all over the world —  London, Amsterdam, India, Georgia, Moscow, Greece, Thailand, Bangkok, Turkey and Jordan.


We also arrange visas, ticketing, and the travel and accommodation formalities for the entire family and all of the guests.

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